These are just a snapshot of some of the amazing experiences people have had here as volunteers for The Open Door in Morningside, Edinburgh…

“Thought I’d send you my graduation picture, seeing as you played a huge part in my achievements. You really inspired me to change my life. My new job is great. Part of my role is training professionals on how to support people who are blind or partially sighted. I was training 13 nurses the other day! Give everyone my love and I really mean that.”

“The Open Door… an amazing experience with great support, helped boost my confidence in talking to people and helped improve my maths skills.
My best bits were working with other volunteers, getting to know the regular customers and meeting people in the café. I enjoyed working with the most amazing people, (let’s not forget the volunteers I have worked with) and the wonderful management who you could talk to and treat you like a human being and an equal and not just a volunteer.
I have developed new skills like being a listener, understanding about the needs of lonely people who just want somewhere to come and chat. Working at The Open Door has given me new ideas about my career choice. There are so many good memories that I will keep forever and thank you for the opportunity to let me become a part of a wonderful organisation.”

“After taking redundancy from my office-based job, I was looking for a new challenge: a way to develop my marketing skills in a fun, less pressurised environment, where the hours would be flexible to my needs. Working with The Open Door has been fantastic – there is a really positive energy when we get together to discuss ideas. Something people in the usual office environment seem to lack! Thanks for allowing me to be part of something special… ”

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for The Open Door please have a look at our volunteering opportunities.