The Open Door could not provide it’s wonderful services to the community without our many volunteers.  Our volunteers find friendship and fulfilment while working with us.  Find out how you can volunteer with The Open Door

“Volunteers are unpaid – not because they are worthless but because they are priceless…”

The Open Door requires volunteers to support the services in our Day Care groups and in our Community Centre/Coffee Shop.   We have volunteers of all ages, from school pupils (minimum age 16) to pensioners (no maximum age so long as you are fit).  We are particularly pleased to accommodate volunteers who have support needs of their own.

A volunteering place could be the first step for anyone wishing to return to the workplace.  It encourages you to build up confidence by meeting people in a friendly environment and introduces you gently to some of the skills you would need in paid work.  It would also look great on your CV.

If you are interested, pop in and see us at 420 Morningside Road or use the contact use page to enquire.

Day care services

“I really enjoy my time at The Open Door. Everyone is so friendly and I haven’t laughed so much in years, I feel less and less alone as the weeks go on”

We provide Day Care and Support services most days, including Saturday, for the frail elderly, those with dementia and the carers of such individuals.  Working as part of one of our day care teams you will get first-hand experience of helping our members to take part in a variety of activities, like gentle physical exercise, chat sessions, music, crafts, etc.  You will also serve lunch and assist members with it when required, most importantly you will make our members feel special by simply interacting with them and offering a listening ear.

All training is provided and there is staff supervision at all times.  We have volunteers of all ages and levels of experience and are happy to offer volunteering places to young people who may be looking for experience prior to starting a career in nursing or care services.  Our elderly members really enjoy interaction with the younger generation.

Coffee shop

Volunteering in the coffee shop is fun and must be one of the few jobs where taking time out to chat with the customers is actually encouraged!

Volunteers work in pairs for a maximum of 2½ hrs, either once a week or once a fortnight.  There is staff back-up available at all times.  Shifts are: 9:30am – 12noon and 12 – 2.30pm Monday to Friday.  Where we can we will accommodate your preferred day(s) and time(s). We are also always pleased to have our ‘reserve’ volunteers on hand to provide cover at short notice, holidays and other absences.

Duties include serving drinks and hot and cold food, some simple cooking such as bacon for rolls, dealing with money and keeping the place clean and tidy.  You will be given full induction into all of these duties and into the Open Door’s philosophy of friendship and service to all.

Other Volunteering Opportunities

Do you have any ideas for ways to raise money.  It could be an event (pub quiz, bake-off, auction or anything else you can think of), getting yourself sponsored either as a one off or as part of something bigger, making things to sell, either yourself or through our cafe with its window to display your wares, or just saving all your 20 pence pieces for us.

Come and talk to us and we will provide help and support to get your idea going and make it a success.

Are you a qualified tradesman or a skilled DIYer?  Would you be willing to offer us your skill when required?  We would be absolutely delighted to have your contact details so that we can call you if we have an emergency or need a bit of work done (materials provided of course!).

Admin tasks
Does your current job give you the opportunity to use skills you want to develop? Perhaps you can develop those skills with us.  We are always grateful to receive support for work such as marketing, design and artistic skills, photography, web development & maintenance, and so on. You can work from our small office on the premises or from home, depending on what suits you and us – hours are flexible and there is no fixed term to how long you can work for us.

To find out more about any of these volunteering opportunities, pop in and see us at 420 Morningside Road or contact us for details.


Those that have volunteered for The Open Door in the past have some great things to say about us! These are just a snapshot of some of the amazing experiences people have had here as volunteers for The Open Door in Morningside.

“Thought I’d send you my graduation picture, seeing as you played a huge part in my achievements. You really inspired me to change my life. My new job is great. Part of my role is training professionals on how to support people who are blind or partially sighted. I was training 13 nurses the other day! Give everyone my love and I really mean that.”

“The Open Door… an amazing experience with great support, helped boost my confidence in talking to people and helped improve my maths skills.
My best bits were working with other volunteers, getting to know the regular customers and meeting people in the café. I enjoyed working with the most amazing people, (let’s not forget the volunteers I have worked with) and the wonderful management who you could talk to and treat you like a human being and an equal and not just a volunteer.
I have developed new skills like being a listener, understanding about the needs of lonely people who just want somewhere to come and chat. Working at The Open Door has given me new ideas about my career choice. There are so many good memories that I will keep forever and thank you for the opportunity to let me become a part of a wonderful organisation.”

“After taking redundancy from my office-based job, I was looking for a new challenge: a way to develop my marketing skills in a fun, less pressurised environment, where the hours would be flexible to my needs. Working with The Open Door has been fantastic – there is a really positive energy when we get together to discuss ideas. Something people in the usual office environment seem to lack! Thanks for allowing me to be part of something special… ” 

Your testimonial could be here soon… get in touch with us now about volunteering opportunities.