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If you ever buy from Amazon. here is a way to help The Open Door at the same time. Simply go to instead of the usual Amazon page.  Then go into Your Account and select “Change your Charity”.  Type in The Open Door and save it.

From now on, all your purchases on Amazon Smile will generate a donation of 0.5% to The Open Door, at no cost to you. You don’t need a different account, all your settings, like your Prime membership if you have that, your delivery address, etc, are exactly as usual.  It’s a small percentage, but if all supporters of The Open Door use this every time they buy from Amazon it will mount up.

Note that you have to use the webpage every time. So if you have Amazon saved as a favourite or bookmark, change this to so that when you select it all your purchases will be contributing to The Open Door.



Fundraisers Profile image“This past year I’ve been helping The Open Door Morningside, a wonderful place that helps to care for the elderly in our community.

I can think of no better motivation to keep running and get fit than to do it not just for me, but for the kind and wonderful people in my community. My pledge is to run 5km 365 times in 2018 and to raise as much money as I can for the Open Door and help provide places and support for those who need it most. I think more should be done to give back to our amazing older generation and this is my way to help.”

Event details   Run 5km every day for 1 year

I pledge to run 5km 365 times in 2018. I will try to run each and every day and track it on Strava so I can post my progress. I will also take pictures as I expect I will become much fitter and healthier in my mission!  YOU CAN SUPPORT SIMON HERE


The Open Door has been in the heart of Morningside, Edinburgh for over 30 years and with your help, we hope to continue for another 30!

Every month over 1,650 people regularly use The Open Door; that’s over 19,800 a year and approximately 9,250 volunteer hours! Our volunteers are made up of everyone from the Chairman of the Board to the lady or gentleman serving your tea! We have a variety of roles, all of which suit someone. Find out more about what volunteering can do for us and for you.

Volunteering is the backbone of what we do and we would not be here without it, but we also need other financial support.

People often think that, as charities are run mainly by volunteers, it must costs very little to provide the service – this is a misconception. Charities have many of the same costs as businesses and like good businesses we have to maintain viability, so every penny must be spent wisely and with maximum returns.

We greatly rely on support from individuals and businesses through donations and the Membership scheme.

Find out more about how we are funded.